Fee Schedule for Services


The standard prices (and/or hourly rates for more complicated services) are shown below. These are the total all inclusive prices.

Please note that we do not charge at all for consultations on Funeral Plans or Equity Release as we are paid directly by the product providers; we are therefore happy to talk to prospective clients for both Funeral Plans and Equity Release on a Free and No Obligation basis.

Notes re Fees.

(1) Cost quoted assumes: up to 4 executors and 2 reserves, a maximum of 5 specific and 5 monetary gifts, distribution of residue between up to 6 persons (plus reserve beneficiaries) and the creation of simple (bare) will trusts (e.g. money for a grandchild at age 18). If a more complicated will is needed please see below.

(2) Mirror Wills are for couples (not necessarily married) and the terms of each are exactly the same - just the testator and main beneficiary names are switched around, hence the large discount.

(3) This includes everything in note (1) plus more complex trusts (e.g. life interest trust for surviving partner, discretionary will trust, et cetera.). 

(4) There are two type of Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA"), one for Health & Welfare and one for Property & Financial Affairs. A client can do either one, or more usually both. The Office of the Public Guardian charges £82 to register each type of LPA.

(5) The establishment of a Private Foundation will require the services of an OFC Foundation Provider. Depending on the required level of complexity, their fee will usually be in the region of £2000 to £5000 for initial setup. Although many internet sites advertise cheaper prices, we would advise caution - in our experience the prices we quote are the minimums for a legal and competent set up.

Finally, we are based in Staffordshire and all prices quoted are based on local instructions or telephone/Zoom instructions. For clients who want a personal visit, travelling costs outside of our local area may be charged in addition to the fees quoted, so if applicable please ask us first. The postcodes we classify as local are: All ST postcodes, TF9, TF10, TF11, CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, CW11, CW12

If an in person visit is not required, we are happy to deal with client's Estate Planning needs all over the UK (including Northern Ireland) via Zoom or telephone at the prices listed above.

Initial consultations always free and without obligation